Capacity Building Task Force


        The global economy is facing many interrelated and multi-dimensional challenges which make it difficult to make decisions or to build consensus. Designing policies by regulators has become crucial and vital.  For this reason, coordinated efforts by the regulators to support the capability of human resources to draft and enforce market rules and regulations would be an asset for COMCEC capital market regulators. Therefore training activities under this task force is expected to be the main agenda.


        Following issues will be considered by the delegates on the forthcoming 26-27 September 2012 Forum meeting.

  • Chair/co chair for the Task Force
  • Member authorities
  • Contributor/recipient members
  • Working procedures

        I.  Determining  Currrent State of Status for Capital Market Regulators Regulatory Framework and Human Resources of COMCEC Member States

  • Survey Preparation, coordination and filling out the survey
  • Need analysis for cooperation
  • Country specific issues

        II.  Possible Co-operation Proposals

        With special focus to training of expert personnel of the regulators enhancing the regulating and monitoring capacity of capital market regulators.

  • Investor education
  • Financial reporting
  • Corporate governance framework and enforcement
  • Market surveillance

        III.  Strategies and Policy Recommendations for the Strengthening the Capacity of COMCEC Capital Market Regulators

  • With reference to the output in the above I. and II. titles drafting a report on strategies and policy recommendations regarding market development
  • Arranging workshops and trainings​