Market Development Task Force


        The world economy has undergone noticeable changes over the past decade, both in terms of the shifting balance of economic and financial power among groups of countries and in terms of structural changes. In this context, applying international standards has become ever more important for all economies. Implementation of international standards requires capacity building for public and private capital market institutions. Capital markets with essential infrastructures are particularly important.  Within this perspective, this task force aims to contribute establishing new cooperation and coordination areas to reinforce capital market regulators in order to support financial markets operate effectively for the best interests of the investors and market participants.


        Following issues will be considered by the delegates on the forthcoming 26-27 September 2012 Forum meeting.

  • Chair/co chair for the Task Force
  • Member authorities
  • Contributor/recipient members
  • Working procedures

        I.     Determining  Currrent State of Status for Market Development of COMCEC Member States

  • Survey preparation, coordination and filling out the survey
  • Need analysis for cooperation
  • Country specific issues

        II.       Possible Cooperation Proposals

  • Small and medium sized enterprises (SME) empowerment through capital markets
  • Stock market and bond market development
  • Over the Counter Markets
  • Diversification of capital market instruments
  • Transparency requirements public disclosure systems
  • Market abuse regulation, supervision, surveillance
  • Reforming Collective Investment Schemes
  • Development of capital market infrastures such as clearing, settlement, central counter party, custody, dematerialisation and registration

        III.    Strategies and Policy Recommendations for the Development of Capital Markets 

  • With reference to the output in the above I. and II. titles drafting a report on strategies and policy recommendations regarding market development
  • Arranging workshops and trainings​