COMCEC Capital Markets Regulators Conference and Roundtable

12.07.2012 @ 06:00

​"COMCEC Capital Markets Regulators Conference and Roundtable" was held in Istanbul, the Marmara Taksim Hotel on 16-17 September 2011.

​The Conference and the Roundtable constituted as the first gathering of its kind and served as a platform for exchange of views and experience of the member states' respective authorities.  Following the discussions on current state of COMCEC member states' capital markets, the effects of global financial crisis to the emerging markets, Malaysia, Pakistan and Turkey delegates delivered presentations regarding their financial markets and regulatory landscapes.  Furthermore, the OECD Corporate Affairs Division has contributed to the event with a presentation underlining the value of cooperation for implementation of international standards and best practices for today's interconnected financial markets.

In accordance with the 25th and 26th COMCEC general session calls and the discussions made in the Conference and the Roundtable, with the unanimity of delegates, it is decided to establish the "COMCEC Capital Market Regulators Forum" for the COMCEC member countries' capital market regulators. The Forum is designed to work through four Task Forces titled "Market Development", "Capacity Building", "Islamic Finance", and "Financial Literacy".  In addition, Mr. Vedat AKGIRAY appointed as the Chair and the Capital Markets Board of Turkey as the Secretariat of the Forum.